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Every Healthy Feast Starts With The Ingredients!

At Raw Paw Feast, we believe that healthy pets are happy pets. Our products contain the highest quality poultry, produce, and whole food supplements to ensure the health -- and happiness -- of your pet for years to come.


100% Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Chicken Muscle Meat and 

Organ Meat

We use only the highest quality  chicken muscle meat, bones,

and organs in our recipes. 

Our chicken is antibiotic-free, all natural, cage free, american humane certified, and non-GMO.

Rich in selenium, B vitamins,

glucosamine, and calcium.



We use only the freshest

vegetables in our

dog food formulas.

Rich in carotene, fiber, potassium,

vitamin K, and Vitamin C. 

*As cats are obligate carnivores

who should only eat a diet

consisting of 100% meat, we do 

not include vegetables in our cat formulas.

Whole Food


Critical Vitamins

& Minerals

We pride ourselves in creating the
healthiest, nutrient-rich food for your pets.


Our formulas include carefully
selected supplements specially designed to support your pet's nutritional needs.

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