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About Raw Paw Feast

Meet Walcott! She is our 10 year old calico cat that we adopted in 2011. 


She loves snuggling, napping, and enjoying (supervised!) playtime in our backyard. Oh, and eating. Did I mention she LOVES to eat? Our vet describes Walcott as being "food-motivated," and we'd have to agree! 

6 months after adopting miss Walcott, my husband and I immediately started researching the best diet for our new baby. Having previously worked in the commercial pet food industry and seeing what happens behind the scenes, I knew that I did not want to continue to feed her commercial pet food. After weeks of intensive research, we discovered the world of fresh feeding. After learning that this diet is what our pets were born to eat, and after reading about the countless benefits, we knew this was the right diet for Walcott.


9 years (and countless batches of food) later, Walcott is healthy, happy, and has the energy of a kitten! Her beautiful green eyes are bright, and her coat is UNBELIEVABLY soft; her ego is through the roof because of the non-stop compliments! 😉


Transitioning your pet to a fresh diet takes a little bit of time and a lot of commitment. Here at Raw Paw Feast, we've done all of the hard work for you. Using our background in food safety, quality assurance, and pet food manufacturing, we've created a line of premium fresh pet food for dogs and cats. Our cat formula is the exact recipe that we've been feeding Walcott for the past 9 years, and our dog formula was carefully crafted with the same amount of research and rigor. 


We are SO excited to share our products with you. We hope you're excited too.


Ready for a healthier way to feast?

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